Law of Seduction #2

Lesson 2: There are nine types of seducers and they all have different dominant strategies.

While always being good for a surprise is a necessary condition for all successful seductions, people tend to still choose certain strategies over others. We don’t just like finding patterns, we embody them. Greene says there are nine types of seducers:

  1. The Siren. As a woman, you can portray the ultimate fantasy for a man: an uninhibited, promiscuous, pure symbol of pleasure.
  2. The Rake. As a man, you can speak to the universal female need for desire, attention, and appreciation by showing her you’d do anything for her.
  3. The Ideal Lover. We all have broken dreams. The ideal lover represents the fantasy of those dreams without the disappointment we’re used to from reality, life, and other people.
  4. The Dandy. Most of us are trapped in societal roles. The dandy refuses to play them. By defying all expectations and curating his or her own self-image, the dandy shows us what it means to be free.
  5. The Natural. Our ideals are our childhood selves. Naturals remind us of who we once were – an honest, spontaneous, playful human being – and that’s why they’re attractive.
  6. The Coquette. Coquettes are masters of the bait-and-switch. They raise our hopes, then shoot us down, again and again. Sadly, that only makes them more desirable.
  7. The Charmer. We all like to feel comfortable. In a charmer’s presence, we always are. They lift us up by highlighting our best traits, rather than focusing on presenting themselves.

Published by Shouling Hopson

Entrepreneur. Residential Real Estate Investor. Entertainment Consultant.

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