Who is Shouling?

My name is Shouling Hopson. Shouling is of Chinese origin, meaning hardwork and perfection. I’m a Georgia State University and Kennesaw State University Alumni, Paralegal, with various certifications, and life long learner.

I’m also unionized member of the Screen Actors Guild- American Federation of Radio and Television Artists, (SAG/AFTRA). I was crowned Miss Instant Beauty Atlanta, by The Style Network; and have been featured in print, media, and film. After retiring from entertainment and traveling the world, I owned and operated a wardrobe and image management company for over a decade. I’m a residential estate investor, and have recently expanded my acquisition endeavors to Africa.

Over the years, I’ve independently consulted for several startup companies, and entertainment industry amateurs. Through continuous research, training, hardwork, trial and error, Real Estate has been my most fulfilling and lucrative venture to date.

The purpose of this blog is to entertain as well as enlighten.