50th Law of Power #8

Chapter 8: Respect the Process—Mastery Learn how to make a better move by anticipating what comes next in the process. Your job is not to witness a periodical success that swings around without proper foundation for stability.  People’s greatest adversary is boredom combined with a lack of expertise. You, as a self-motivated individual, must withstand theContinue reading “50th Law of Power #8”

50th Law of Power #6, #7

Chapter 6: Lead from the Front—Authority Alexander the Great on numerous occasions proved its greatness on the battlefield because he led with an example, not with words. In any organization, it’s the leader who sets the tone, but not always his methods are well-received.  Shouting and pressuring your employees to work harder is not only ineffectiveContinue reading “50th Law of Power #6, #7”

50th Law of Power #5

Chapter 5: Know When to Be Bad—Aggression Strange but true, some people envy you, and they try to obstruct the ascend regarding your personal and professional life. In the midst of conflicts, it’s best if you don’t fall under their influence and remain confident in your beliefs. One of the best ways to overcome the fear of confrontationContinue reading “50th Law of Power #5”