Who is Shouling?

My name is Shouling Hopson. Shouling is of Chinese origin, meaning hardwork and perfection. I’m a Georgia State University and Kennesaw State University Alumni, Paralegal, with various certifications, and life long learner.

I’m also unionized member of the Screen Actors Guild- American Federation of Radio and Television Artists, (SAG/AFTRA). I was crowned Miss Instant Beauty Atlanta, by The Style Network; and have been featured in print, media, and film. After retiring from entertainment and traveling the world, I owned and operated a wardrobe and image management company for over a decade. I’m a residential estate investor, and have recently expanded my acquisition endeavors to Africa.

Over the years, I’ve independently consulted for several startup companies, and entertainment industry amateurs. Through continuous research, training, hardwork, trial and error, Real Estate has been my most fulfilling and lucrative venture to date.

The purpose of this blog is to entertain as well as enlighten.

Blue Jasmine

It’s obvious from “Blue Jasmine” that Woody Allen has been to Hell; what’s more, he imagines some of the neighborhoods there that he was spared from visiting. It’s a movie about pain and loss—and specifically, it tests the limits of the bearable, particularly among those who have never had to bear much. In a peculiarly negative and inverted way, the movie displays Allen’s own lifeboat in a sea of trouble and shows what happens when someone doesn’t have one of her own. The subject is the idle rich, the problem is idleness, the crisis is self-delusion in the face of fear and despair, and the basic material of the movie is the definition of identity. And, as it turns out, Allen’s vision of a modern-day Job is simply someone without a job.

I absolutely loved this film, possibly because I’ve encountered people with similar characteristics. I’d consider it a combination of being self absorbed, but more self centered than anything. More often than not, a result of self induced isolation- not wanting to be bothered. According to the 48 laws of power, “Isolation is dangerous”. Which truly is; yet in today’s times can you blame one for the desire to do so? Lol