Law of Seduction #1

Lesson 1: The number one way to be seductive is to be unpredictable.

Humans are pattern-seeking machines. Analyzing everything is one of our biggest strengths, which is also why it’s the skill we most love to exercise. However, that also means as soon as we figure something out, it’s boring. In movies as in life, flat, one-dimensional characters don’t interest us. They can’t hold our attention for long.

As a corollary, the single most seductive thing you can do is to stay interesting by being unpredictable. There’s an aura of mystery, paradox, and intrigue around someone who’s hard to understand. That doesn’t mean you should create artificial complexity, but break patterns.

If you’re usually shy, play around with flirty looks or seek the occasional environment where you’re in your element and full of confidence. Girls can crack guy jokes and men can stay on top of fashion trends. Just when things are about to get boring, be ambiguous and take a step in the opposite direction.

Above all, don’t be an easy target. Play hard-to-get not because it works, but because you should be. You’re worth it.

50th Law of Power #9

Chapter 10Confront Your Mortality—the Sublime

Socrates once implied that wise men seek death all of their lives, and they don’t try to escape from its grasp! In truth there are only two options: 

The first one allows you to get as far away as possible from every thought that signalizes death. This way you’ll cling to the illusion that you have all the time in the world to make things right.

Option #2 indicates that this inevitable truth actually works in your favor. How’s that? This way you’ll be able to put your focus on the most important things and live life fully, without regrets. Knowing that death lurks behind every corner, you’ll embrace a fearless attitude and an idea to dread nothing.

50th Law of Power #9

Chapter 9Push Beyond Your Limits—Self-Belief

How often do you push yourself over the edge, and do something that you never thought possible? – If that answer is never, perhaps you need a change of pace. Your actions speak for you, which means it’s up to you to determine the level of independence you apply to the process. 

Aim for the stars and trust in yourself! Nonetheless, the mental assets are only one part of the game. Improve your chances of success by enhancing your knowledge and prowess on a daily basis. No one can consider you worthy of anything unless you take full responsibility for your actions and methods. 

If people are willingly following you, it means that your aura radiates self-esteem and boldness.