Business with Pleasure

You can’t always mix business with pleasure. Sometimes it’s just a pleasure to do business and simply just that.

In the beginning of my career, I was a people pleasure. So concerned about the feelings of others that I didn’t pursue some of my own dreams and watered down my talents so that my “friends”, didn’t mistake my endeavors as competition.

Problem with that? Selling myself short. If it doesn’t make dollars, it make no cents. It made no sense, literally. Others would request advice, take my knowledge, utilize it, reap the benefits without so much as a thank you.

Entrepreneurship requires being strategic, well rounded, and willing to take risks. This is where my passion for consulting began. Those serious enough about what they want will be willing to invest in themselves. Time, experience ,and energy, aren’t free.

Published by Shouling Hopson

Entrepreneur. Residential Real Estate Investor. Entertainment Consultant.

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