Blue Jasmine

It’s obvious from “Blue Jasmine” that Woody Allen has been to Hell; what’s more, he imagines some of the neighborhoods there that he was spared from visiting. It’s a movie about pain and loss—and specifically, it tests the limits of the bearable, particularly among those who have never had to bear much. In a peculiarly negative and inverted way, the movie displays Allen’s own lifeboat in a sea of trouble and shows what happens when someone doesn’t have one of her own. The subject is the idle rich, the problem is idleness, the crisis is self-delusion in the face of fear and despair, and the basic material of the movie is the definition of identity. And, as it turns out, Allen’s vision of a modern-day Job is simply someone without a job.

I absolutely loved this film, possibly because I’ve encountered people with similar characteristics. I’d consider it a combination of being self absorbed, but more self centered than anything. More often than not, a result of self induced isolation- not wanting to be bothered. According to the 48 laws of power, “Isolation is dangerous”. Which truly is; yet in today’s times can you blame one for the desire to do so? Lol